Alinco DR-130T 2m mobile going S

December 6 13.

I don’t make much mention of my 2 meter setups since they are unremarkable, except when they don’t work.

Today after a long time of being off the 2 meter band, I finally re-configured the mobile Alinco DR-130T for my neighborhood repeater which had changed CTSS frequencies, only to find that I can no longer make a reliable contact west of Red Hill in a qso with KH6WB and KH6XL.  -At last, something to work on.

This mobile rig has a tiny MFJ 722S 1/4λ mag mount on the roof of my Buic.  Checkout of 1/4λ mag mount.  Conductor resistance: 0.9Ω and not shorted. Measured SWR 1.4.  It really looks ok.

More info- brief QSO Fri 6 dec AM  w/ kh6ib.  Experienced the same problem with tx from the top of the hill near home.  Randy thought the radio may be cutting out with an antenna issue and advised to lay off transmitting.  Antenna SWR was 1.5 on analyzer.   Brought the radio in to use the house antennas and see if it works OK.

7dec brought the radio into the shack and hooked up to ground plane. Low power (5 watt) contact no problem to DH repeater on the Moxon.  Hi power (50 W) with Trent n2obm – I think there was a problem but something he said indicated that perhaps there was some problem with the repeater – maybe a setting is off?  I heard some hum on high power that I didn’t hear on low power. 8 Dec.

On 147.1 receive, the Alinco has some bursts of noise on 147.1 that I don’t hear on the Yaesu 857D.   This noise cannot be squelched.  Receiver seems to be fine, otherwise.

10 dec.  The 130T in the past couple of days showed signs of distortion on receive (heard this in the car too come to think of it but it was not really noticeable) but now is severely distorted on receive audio so something is changing.  Meanwhile in the kawila, the Baofeng operates just fine off the mini-mag antenna so nothing wrong with the antenna.

—–Original Message—–
From: Peter Matsunaga <>
To: w7jv <>
Sent: Sat, Jan 11, 2014 1:00 am
Subject: Re: Alinco DR130T

I was referred to you by Dennis Egge – here in Hawaii – you repaired his Alinco DX-70  June 2012.

I have an Alinco DR 130T 2M FM mobile tranceiver that has started to malfunction.  The failure is progressive.  Started with being intermittent on 50W  for transmit, then pretty much not working at high power like it was cutting in and out as if the antenna SWR was way off (antenna is good), sometimes working at low power, 5W, to having increasing distortion on audio on receive.
Would you be able to repair this radio?
Answer back from Kuni at COMTEK
It is likely your DR130T has bad power module. This parts is hard to find and expensive. The module price may be around $80 to $90 and my labor is $70. You may be purchased new 2 meter FM mobile radio with this price. My estimate fee is $35 plus shipping cost. If you approved the quote, this fee is waved.


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