Yaesu FT-7900r First Impressions

I bought this radio from GigaParts – shipped fast, arrived in 2 days – $65 shipping! Ordered the radio on Sunday, then called in on monday and added the Comet 1/4 wave  antenna, Carl hooked me up with the add-on and only $4 additional shipping.  Shipped Tuesday arrived Thursday by USPS and fit in the lock bins.  Packaging good.

Soldered up  powerpoles and fired it up in the shack. Read manual – memories are challenging…   Programmed a few memories including the salt lake repeater and the aircraft freqs.


Q: how do you modify a memory and what is with memory #1?

Installed the radio rather hastily in the car.  After a few programming problems,  contacted the Salt Lake repeater on 147.1 and worked Randy from  the car.  Initially he could hear me but I couldn’t hear him – I thought the programming was off (i.e. not making the repeater) while the opposite was true.  Finally figured it out.  He was answering my call and finally gave up, but once I heard him, the link was up.

Separation kit works awesome.  Will experiment more. Maybe a trunk mount is more secure.   Brought my homemade speaker into the mobile  since the radio chassis is under the seat.   The microphone jack on the front panel is a clean design.  Color changes with ambient light?   Night vision RED …

Scan feature is cool.  

Too bad it won’t do 2m sideband like the 857D… but then, nobody does that.

Microphone – for whatever the reason, not the most comfortable for my hand, and the buttons are not particularly easy to work.  Not a big deal.

 In the afternoon ride home, QSO with Steven WG and Mike DO, with Randy jumping in– report of a low whine from Mike and Steven but Randy didn’t hear it.  Alternator noise? and/or a possible frequency filter in Randy’s ears (h.i.) . The problem is minor  –  just watch it and maybe it can corrected.  Overall audio reports are good.

Antenna SWR is about 1.7-1.9 at 144 mhz.

~ by marksun on January 18, 2014.

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