20m dipole element addition

Added two 17.5′ elements (30 awg) to the 40m doublet – now effectively a fan dipole.  I used alligator clips at the feedpoint.   The 20m elements are in a inverted V configuration endpoints 6′ above the ground.  I can now tune 20m and 10m with SWR  1.1:1.  Feedpoint is unchanged about 20 feet up.   40m is unaffected:

MFJ 901B Tuner Settings  
10M  42 A 5
20M 42 C 52
40m 42 F 48  7.188   42 F 47  7.088

The 30 awg wire is hard stuff to work with. It kinks and tangles easily.  To drop it out the window, I attached a lead fishing weight with tape to the end to ensure it drops straight and to make handling easier.

~ by marksun on August 14, 2016.

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