Computers in the shack 2018

2018-Computers: I use an Intel I3-4150 Dell mini-tower for its disk space and as my Win10 outpost until microsoft licenses me out into the cold.   CPU: i3-4150 @ 3.50 GHz / 8 GB

We’ll probably go one more round of hardware upgrades before we ditch Microsoft completely.  Ham radio apps, SDRs in particular, have not migrated fully to openSource, i.e. Linux, at least for the hardware I have.  And Windows is convenient for now (2018).  I use hand-me-down macbooks from my daughter and my sister for portable and some digital ops and for wireless ssh/x11 for the raspberry pi’s, and hard wire USB for arduino projects.  Often I’ll use a rapspberri pi to front end an arduino, and do arduino development from the pi, from a ssh to the pi from windows or osx.  I use raspberry pi’s for programming and development – mainly python, C, and perl languages.  The pi’s are more or less a dream come true for an old unix dog like myself.  As the need arises I use arduino’s, mainly the nano’s for projects needing microprocessors – they are to me suprisingly powerful C/C++ language developments platforms too which seems outlandish, but they can do some  significant number crunching on a thumbnail size chip.

~ by marksun on August 14, 2018.

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