20 meter opening to Europe on FT8

For the first time I caught a 20m opening with FT8 the last couple of nights and worked stations in the UK, Finland, and France.  9may2109z ~0600-0700

8 may,  the sunspot number was 25.   The sunspots went from 11 on may 4 to 25 by the 8 may( today on 10may N = 25).  I wonder.   Probably unrelated, earlier in the day 8 may the 0900W 40m net was a bust on 40m 80m and 60m – very poor conditions.


Working conditions: 20m ft8/wsjt-x, 84′ doublet, linear amplifier – 30/400 W (-13 db), 4:1 #61 balun temp : 43°C

Other:  heard only 25% or fewer stations than could hear me.  reception is 75% of the  problem!  Power probably needed and I used it to make contacts: 400w -13db: calc- 200 -16 db, 100w -19 db.

~ by marksun on May 10, 2019.

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